Harry James Potter (onewholived) wrote in hoggyknightsooc,
Harry James Potter

DA Announcement

Tacked to the Schoo’s bullitien board, found near the House point Hour Glasses

Announcement Concerning The Defence Association
(aka, Dumbledore’s Army)

The DA has had a late start this year because of many things to take into consideration. There will be a change in the format the club is run. We are only accepting members from fifth through seventh year, but are accepting all previous members regardless of what year they are in.

The DA will still be using the golden coin as a means of communication. We will have our first meeting November 15th, in classroom 3-8B, near the DADA room. The time is arranged for 8:30. There we will arrange the best date and time for as many members as possible. Members will detentions are not excused from their detentions, sorry.

Any questions and concerns... can wait for the meeting.

- Harry Potter, Club President.
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