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The Year 96-97

Finally, a tale of Harry’s mysterious sixth year! Jumping from the Order of Phoenix to the Harry’s seventh year is difficult when you have a year just blank with nothing that was known to happen! My main problem being the storyteller was I didn’t know what to have happen in their sixth year. During a moment of inspiration and long times brooding, I finally began to take notes on what events happened.

Here is the deal, I am posting this in a cut on the OOC board, and will link to the entry on the user info. Everyone is required to read Harry’s summary. From here on, everyone can write a summary of their character’s sixth year and post it as a comment. Just remember, the more minor your character is, please try and keep their life from being too grand. If you’re summary is found to be inappropriate, Abby or I will delete it and tell you what is wrong. You can correct it and then repost it. I look forward to reading everyone’s year of 96-97!

Highlights and Details of Harry Potter's 6th Year:

During Harry’s sixth year he was very depressed early on, but for the beginning his symptoms were violent moods. He would have long periods of refusing to eat, little to no sleep, not doing his homework, would skip Quidditch practice, which brought down Gryffindor’s overall ranking, he also argued with Snape at all opportunities, losing enormous house points for Gryffindor and filling most of his weekends with detentions, and tried to pick fights with Draco Malfoy whenever possible. He ignored Dumbledore’s Army so badly to the point that Hermione and Ron took over for the planning and the teaching. Harry barely attended, but his massive amount of detentions was blamed.

By the time for the Halloween feast, Harry’s mood had gotten so volital that when Colin Creevey approached him to take part in a Gryffindor group photo the fifth year wanted to take to show his parents, the already annoyed Harrry began to get angry. It angered and irritated Harry so much that he punched Colin in the nose, breaking it.

On Christmas day, Harry woke up to find among his presents gifts Remus sent him that included personal belongings that once belonged to Harry’s parents and godfather. Professor Lupin gave Harry his parent’s wedding rings, and when not around the Dursleys Harry wears his father’s wedding band on his left index finger. Remus also gave Harry Sirius’ first leather jacket, the one his godfather wore when he first bought his motorbike. While the jacket is too big on Harry, who is much smaller then his godfather, he still wears it once and a while. The jacket is sad need of repair, though.

After the Christmas holidays, Snape began to teach this 6th year classes about poisons throughout the years. He focused on the potions developed, perfected, and implemented by Grindelwald, the dark wizard Dumbledore defeated in 1945. Grindelwald worked with the effort on the German minister and squib, Adolf Hitler. So many of his poisons used muggle ingredients side by side with magical ingredients. This is the reason why these poisons are so deadly to wizards and nearly impossible for antidotes to be developed. The research the students studied were into the how the poisons were developed, administered, the symptoms and detection methods. In addition they studied the antidotes intensely.

Based on the notes given to the students, Harry properly brewed a sample of Grindelwald’s most complex and deadly poison, the same one used by Voldemort to kill Fudge’s predecessor in the office held by the Minister of Magic. He held onto the sample for a week before administering to himself. Ron Weasley says that he didn’t intend to go to the lockers, since they were having no practice. But his sister asked him to retrieve something for her; she threatened him that if he didn’t she’d tell their mother something Ron insists on keeping secret, which was his current potions grade. This is where he found his best found nearly dead in the Quidditch lockers that day, with an empty bottle, the smell of a familiar potion inside. He immediately assumed it was one of the infamous poisons they studied and rushed his friend to the hospital wing. Here, Harry would have died if two near miracles had not happened. Observing Harry’s symptoms, Pomfrey said that the poison Harry took must be Grindelwald’s Throat Choker Poison, which was closely similar to Grindelwald’s Blood Freezer. Ron remembered a very subtle difference in the symptoms the two poisons had, and that one had a stronger scent of holly berries then the other. He insanely said it the Blood Freezer Poison. Pomfrey and Snape were convinced it was the Choker Poison, but Hermione Granger believed him. She rushed down to the dungeons where she had been working on a project in one of Snape’s spare labs. She was endeavoring to earn extra points for researching into the possible ways to develop an antidote for the Blood Freezer Poison, which no successful treatment has ever been found.

Rushing back the hospital wing, she transfigured a pencil into a muggle syringe and administered the untested antidote to her friend. Harry survived, much to all’s relief. He stayed in the Hospital Wing for two weeks to recover, and so Pomfrey would observe him. Under a colleague’s recommendation from St. Mungos, Pomfrey began to give Harry a Mood Pepper-Up Potion to help him balance his emotions and moods. With a months time after being released Harry began to become his own self. He worked hard in Quidditch, and they almost went to the finals against Slytherin, but lost to Ravenclaw. Slytherin won the Quidditch Cup, but Gryffindor was close. He pulled his grades out of the water with the help of Hermione, and he took over Dumbledore’s Army again. Even though he was working himself almost to the bones, all the while he was steadily getting happier. His friends were so pleased of this.

Snape refused to kick Harry out of his potions class, despite Harry’s assumptions that he’d never be allowed around a cauldron again. The potions master said if Harry Potter could properly brew Grindelwald’s Blood Freezer, then the boy must finally be gaining something from his class and acquiring potion-brewing skills. Ron continued to pay attention in class, forever proud and happy he had been the one to ultimate save his friend’s life. After all, if he hadn’t corrected Pomfrey and Snape, Hermione never would have realized she had the cure. During the following summer Ron received the highest O.W.L. grade in potions any member of his family ever got. He may forever hate Snape, but he’s sure proud of what he did. Hermione also got a high score in potions, higher then anyone in ten years. Several highly respected medi-wizards wrote articles on the ingenious nature and development of the antidote she created. Poppy Pomfrey has promised to pay for Hermione’s medi-magic education in full if she would ever choose to become a medi-witch. All the while Snape is trying not to be too apparent in his encouragement that Hermione continue researching potions and work for a potions mastership.

The end of the year went on without alarm, which was good for the tired but recovering Harry Potter and his friends, who were still sometimes at nerves end that Harry might repeat what he tried. That was until Harry was kidnapped four weeks before the end of the term. Rabastan Lestrange brought Harry to the Riddle Mansion, and it was at the mansion where Voldemort would swing from torturing Harry or spoiling him.

Voldemort’s goal was to try and break or seduce Harry to join the army of Death Eaters. Voldemort was convienced that Harry would be a far greater ally then enemy. The Dark mark could only be given to someone whom willing took it, since the magic of the mark was powerful and forever binding. Harry always refused. When left behind in the room he was thrown in, or being tortured, Voldemort would keep Harry’s wrists and ankles tightly bound with tin write that sliced into Harry’s wrists and ankles, becoming just some of many scars Harry got during his time in Voldemort’s custody. Among the other torture methods employed, Voldemort had Goyle Sr. drive a large nail through Harry’s left palm, and poured acid into the wound. Just before the Order’s rescue, Bellatrix lost her patience with Harry and burned a hot iron with the brand of the Dark Mark between Harry’s shoulder blades. While the burn has no magic, it cannot be removed like all the other significant scares that were inflected on Harry. Too much time had passed for any amount of magic to remove them.

When he was returned to Pomfrey’s care, seeing that Harry refused to be taken care of anyone else, he was found to be emanciated, nearly twenty pounds under weight, with many broken bones and an untreated concussion. He remained in the hospital wing for just over a week under her careful eye. Following her gut, she doubled the dosage of the potion she began to give him at the beginning of the year. When boarding the train, no one noticed anything wrong with young Harry other then a limp. With the help of his friends, Pomfrey, and the continuous visits of Remus Lupin and Arthur Weasley, Harry recovered remarkably well. He does report nightmares related to his ordeal to Dumbledore and Pomfrey, but refuses to talk about it much else.
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