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Dolls and chaps (if there any chaps),

I owe this Dell Lap and it decide to shut off on me. It still works. Just to let you know I do have a back up computer that is a piece of shit. So, if I do go bye bye I will do my best to get my back up up. I been putting money aside for a new computer too. I'm picking up the habit by getting a new computer every two years.

If everything fails I will update you on a library computer and we don't want that. It will take my activity away and that be less me and people will be sad and I want to make people happy.

So, thank you.

Bless ye all!


These things I warmly wish for you-
Someone to love,
Some work to do,
A bit o' sun
A bit o' cheer
And a guardian angel
Always near.

----An Old Irish Greeting
Ginny., serious.

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Ladies and Gentlemen. Nichol has decided to take up Ginny for a little bit. YAY.

So I'd like each and every one of you to anwser these questions for me....

1. Has your character had any interaction with Ginny? If so, around what time?
2. Are your characters friends? Family? Or just people she passes in the hallway?
3. Is she a best friend or enemy?
4. What is your name?
5. what is your quest?
6. What is your favorite color?
7. Did she hang out with your character over the holidays?
8. Did she owl you over the summer?

That be all matties. Arg...


My Aim is still the same TheodoreTonks. So bug me if Ginny was suppose to do a scene with your character.

Hogwarts' Knights


Everyone, please update your character user info with the following text:

This is a RolePlaying journal for hogwartsknights. No copyright infringement is intended and all actions are believed to constitute Fair Usage. All rights belong to JK Rowling, Warner Brothers and Scholastic, Inc and not the player.

This is to help you comply with the new terms of service in conjunction with the buyout.


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sorry to be cutting out on you all so quickly, but i'm leaving tomorrow for a snowboarding trip with my church youth group, and won't return until the night of the fifth. sorry to be taking a break so early in my joining!
selfish and unkind

Just an FYI.

I'm leaving Hogwarts Knights.

I've left the passwords and things with Del and Sonya - you guys are a talented group of people, but this RPG just never really clicked for me.

If you want to talk to me, feel free to IM me at larei chan on AIM, or e-mail me at blackhairedhess@gmail.com .

Thanks for your time,

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Hokay, guys!

I have finals, home improvment, and flu/bronchitis. This means that until such things are done, I will have sporadic activity. Lots of "don't talk to me now" followed by brief moments of "I AM FREE". That, and replies may take me a while unless they hit in the I AM FREE section.

Just a warning.

If you need me, e-mail me at blackhairedhess@gmail.com . This is also being crossposted to god and everywhere, so if it spams friendslists, then... oops?